A Brief Reminder of Who We Are

Adhora Madhuri: “We cannot succeed when half of us are held back,” said Malala Yousufzai. Even at a ripe age of 18, she knows exactly how the world will move toward either advancement or doom depending on whether the power of women will be seen in society.

When only one gender is allowed to move forward and bring about change, does anybody think about what difference can be made if another group of humans, who are equally as full of potential as men, act as well?

Adhora Madhuri
Adhora Madhuri, Student

“A woman without her man is like a fish without a bicycle,” said Gloria Steinem. Who on Earth even got the idea into girls that you need a man to help you get ahead in life? Of course, the positive influences of men are hugely appreciable, but let’s not choose to believe that they are the biggest force we need to drive us into action. Any woman is completely capable of achieving whatever she wants with and without anyone else. Instead of looking for a hero to save your soul, become your own damn hero and save yourself.

“When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch,” said Bette Davis. A majority of the population will suppress a girl and restrict her boundaries since childhood. ‘Don’t act like that. Don’t talk in front of elders. You’re a girl; you don’t know what is right. You’re a woman; what do you even know?’ If you actually have to question the fact that women can have opinions of their own and are free to express them, then I have to ask you…what the hell do you even know?

“If you look up feminist in a dictionary, it’s just someone who believes that men and women have equal rights,” said Aziz Ansari. It is honestly sickening to see people hating on men who are clearly in favor of promoting equality and justice. Men who support feminism are not, and I repeat, not mentally ill or stupid or any reason to think, ‘Dude, that’s so gay’. You might not agree that men and women should have the same rights and women are inferior to men and all that, but please don’t insult those of the opposite gender who just want to see us rise above pathetic stereotypes.

“I am not afraid of taking risks. No one can define me,” said Beyonce. As a woman who constantly ignites girl-power with her awe-inspiring music, Beyonce has never failed to speak out in her own voice. A girl wanting to do something unconventional or daring does not imply that her parents did not raise her right or that she is ruining her own image in the face of such a perfect society. What she wants to do with her life, her education, her career, her personal life, her choices, her beliefs, and her mistakes – no matter how horrible or disgusting they are – are all up to her. Try to keep your nose out of it.

As a young girl about to go through the biggest transition in her life in a few more months (moving away from home to pursue my education halfway across the world all alone), I have encountered so many negative comments about this situation that did nothing but encourage me to follow my dreams even more. Instead of praising me for my accomplishments or wishing me luck for my future, the only things most people seem to care about are what kind of drugs I’m going to be doing, how late I’m going to party with boys, and how my parents will become depressed and turn to therapy due to my character being contaminated by foreign influences.

I am not famous enough to have my own quote, but I just want all girls and women to believe in themselves and their own majestic potential. People will try to bring you down; they will want to keep your voice locked up for the world to ignore; they will undermine your strength and individuality. All you have to do is prove them wrong and show them what you can actually do. May we know strong women. May we raise strong women. May we be strong women.

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