Open the veil of ignorance and save our LGBT children

FamilyPamelia Khaled: Gay teenager ‘forced to have sex with his own mother’ to ‘cure’ his homosexuality. Let’s open the veil of ignorance and save our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children or LGBT children.  

There is no reason to be afraid who are they. They need a chance to open themselves. And they deserve love and respect.

A chance to live with dignity. Love, kindness and respect these are the best tools of human civilizations. This world is wide enough to include them as a part of the nature. Human being can be enlightened only by seeking and practicing knowledge; otherwise, they are nothing.

LGBT 1They are lower than any mammal group.

To make LGBT children straight in India and Africa each year gay children are raped by their uncle, relatives or hired gangs, and even by their biological mother. This rape has got a name so called “CORRECTIVE RAPE”.

This barbaric custom is a shame for everyone, human being. These shameful stories indicate that a large number of population on this earth are ignorant about the gender spectrum and the fact of human biology. The failures of India, Africa and other countries to inculcate a sense of moral responsibility towards other gender.

Without State’s support LGBT children are in danger in these countries.We all feminist scholarships, intellectuals, educationists, mothers must raise our voices and share positive views to raise awareness and to save these valuable terms “mother” and “children”.

A mother can’t be use for corrective rape to make her children straight. This  custom is  painful ( a humiliation that  caused by the  savage beasts’  foolish behavior) for a sacred relationship  “mother and children” .

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