We should be ashamed

birongonaShucheesmita Simonti: Why should these women hide their face? Is it their shame that they were raped in 1971 war? It is our shame, as a nation, that we could not save our daughters, it is the shame of the army who carried out this atrocious activity throughout the 9 months of war.

Should they be ashamed?

We should be ashamed of our societal norms where the victim, and not the criminals who are ostracized……….when they want to speak up about what they have been through, we only tell them to shut up and say they are “selling their story?” heights of audacity we are capable of displaying as people with double standard! before these mothers breathe their last, should we not at least apologize?

71 war was over before 44 years……..we killed them with our bias every day since then…….we should apologize to every woman whose life changed forever in 1971…………

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