A nursery changes Fatema’s life

11103921_10206731966322857_1250684463_nWomen Chapter: The countrywide rural economy is basically agriculture based. Most of the rural people earn their livelihood by agriculture. These agro-families are contributing in the food production of the country by their diversified cultivations. In these farmer families the wives also participate in farming along with their male- head of the family. The male or the farmer spend the whole day in the fields and their women store the seeds, raise the domestic animals, cultivate fish and dose many more works. The housewives are contributing the same as men in food production along with their home-making responsibilities. I am just same as them from Chokoria upazila of Coxsbajar Zilla. My name is Fatema Begum. My family is a successful farmer-family. Our home is solvent by agriculture. I am giving education to my two children.

Name of the Farmer                        : Fatema Beghum

Spouse Name                                     : Md. Ilias

Grown Crops                                      : Cauliflower,Radish, Eggplant etc.

Area                                                    : Chokoria, Coxs Bazar

Supporting Organization                  : ISDE (Integrated Social Development Effort Bangladesh)

There was a time in our family it was always a need of money. It was hard for me to carry out a family after the untimely death of my husband Md. Ilias. My children’s education was interrupted. A sort of compulsion led me to join with agriculture. Initially I started to cultivate a little land that was left by my husband. I had to face many problems as did not know enough of the process of farming. I worked all alone, and my neighbors started bad-talk about me. But I did not care for those words but meant my business. I had no one to help me. I asked many time for advice from my neighbors. But it was not always helpful.  I contacted with a local NGO near to my house. Once I got training on nursery from this NGO. Then I started this nursery. Now I do many type of farming in 2 acre of land. I cultivate paddy in 2 seasons. In other times I make nursery and grow vegetable. This nursery has become a commercial nursery in our locality. Along with this I have started poultry farming at my homestead.

11121796_10206731966402859_1135805275_nMy old condition has been changed. My family became solvent. Two of my children are getting education. I work all day in nursery and vegetable field after home-making. My children often help me.

I have planted many fruits and forest plants in my land next to Matamuhuri River and in my vegetable garden I have cultivated cauliflower, radish, and eggplant these days. My garden is scintillating with fresh vegetables. I am smiling with them, too.

At time of my husband’s death it was hard for me to defray the expenses of my family. There was no one else to earn for us. I used to store seeds, raise poultry ever since I started homemaking. But that did not earn enough to raise a family. It became tough to carry out my children’s education. Every morning I started working in my land after sending them to school. I worked for 5 to 6 hours. After finishing with nursery then I nurture vegetable beds. The plants of nursery are sold all-time in the year and the income from it keep my family well-off. Nowadays I have borrowed 2.5 acre land and cultivated winter vegetables this year. And the nursery sells plants all through the year.

Initially the profit was less because the labor cost, fertilizer, pesticides cut a good amount. Later when I started to work on my own I don’t need any labor anymore. And the profits is increasing.

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