Not crocodile tears for saving so called cheap democracy

Crocodile tearsPamelia Khaled: Thinking of Bangladeshi Secondary students’ fate when we are feeling numbed the Bangladeshi politicians  are employing new agendas for killing their own people . We do not know the future of these innocent students.

We can not trust on the so called irresponsible politicians, who are in government or oppositions, both groups are liable by law for the devastating situation in the country. Poor public are getting killed everyday: women, men, boys and girls. No mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters are saved or could escape from their wrath, greed of power and anger.

By all means these politicians, the power- wielders are encouraging for juvenile crime involving unemployed poor youths, paying money, distributing weapons and supplying arson to kill the poor public. The criminals hurled petrol bombs to burn and kill two and half year old toddlers even, so they can kill our secondary teenage innocent students barbarous way.These adulterated poor youths  are engaged in killing and acting dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.

 In the name of establishing democracy each group of politicians are acting as evils for seeking more power  certainly. They are destroying country’s economy not making dialogue with each others, declaring repeated hartal/ strike, burning properties and people. Both group of politicians and their followers  attributed them as  debased, mentally corrupted and damaged for their egocentric “loss theory”,  as if democracy is snapped by night, has taken far away in a top of mountain by a crooked vulture. Now they are in a rush for more peril and lost common sense, a good sense.

Why should these venal politicians care how they are rated? They won’t. They do not bear minimum social or political norms and values as human being. For power and money they are playing with fire, playing with life, playing with public. Wonder who can bring these wrong-doers back to sanity?  

The writer is a Doctoral Candidate , Ontario Institute of Studies for Education,  University of Toronto, Canada


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